Youth for Inclusion

“Youth for Inclusion” brought together 3 representatives of CEUD with colleagues from 7 other countries in Cyprus in the training course that aims to provide the needed support to people who work with youngsters (volunteers, youth workers, project managers, trainers and facilitators of organizations) and at their organizations in the field of social inclusion. The participants (and their organizations) will get the proper training on how to improve the policy regarding social inclusion of young people.

Participants learnt how to implement several activities (such as campaigns, festivals, etc.) in order to be able to contribute at the change of the policy regarding youth social inclusion.

In that way, the participating organizations have increased their skills to raise funds at their countries in order to contribute and affect the policy about youth social inclusion and understand in a better way the issues of young people. This should help the organizations to plan and implement better projects regarding youth social inclusion and more young people will be benefited.

The implementation of this training was based on a diversity of non-formal education methods (like role play, debate, indoor and outdoor activities, simulation games and case studies), encouraging the participants for active participation, self-expression and share of good practices. Also, the participants had the opportunity to show their skills and team spirit. This process led to the creation of dissemination and exploitation activities for their projects and built strategies and develop competences.