Welcome to our new website! We look forward to our cooperation to improve the communities we live in.

Centre for Education and Society Advancement was registered in 2013 giving legal entity form to a group young people and activists who were practicing their citizens’ rights to call the responsible authorities to solve everyday problems in their communities. Their lead idea was that no one else would better represent one community’s interests than the ones who live in there and that if one wants the circumstances to change for better, they need to raise the voice.

We have been gathered by the same vision: gender free, sustainable and interculturally diverse society with equal opportunities for all, especially for the youth as the future of our societies.

So we started connecting with our European friends and colleagues wanting to reinforce values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights of all among youth population in our country.

Coming from a small country that has been struggling with high unemployment and brain-drain for over 2 decades and observing the needs of other young people from other society, our activities have been mostly directed toward creating opportunities for young people to gain skills and competences that are sought in at the labour market thus contributing to lowering the youth unemployment. So far we have successfully partnered several Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects in the field of entrepreneurship & employment, social inclusion, intercultural learning and HR.

We take special pride in the fact that our partner organisations see us as reliable and trustworthy and invite us for new project endeavors. We believe it is due to our thorough preparation of participants, openness to learn and experience the new and different and at the same time share what we know and have.

Of all the crises to hit Europe over the past years, the current migration crisis is putting under strain all of the above mentioned values. Solidarity is exchanged for xenophobia; free movement of people is put under question… Hence, the need to be reminded of what makes our European culture special is growing again. Organisations working with youth play enormous role in it because today and now we decide how our future will look like.

Let’s work together on it and not repeat mistakes from the past!