Together for NEET

The last years of economic recession in Europe have resulted in an increasing number of young people Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). 14 million NEET in Europe (one youth in six) are facing the effects of current and future unemployment and wage penalties, major psychological consequences such as psychological distress, disengagement and often involvement in risky behaviors. This phenomenon is a plague in the European economy as NEETs cost 153 billion Euros per year in lost economic revenue (1.2% of European GDP) and in the European Societies as NEET youth are considered to show low levels of political and social engagement, low level of trust to institutions and society. The situation is even worse in the acceding countries of the European Union where rate of NEET are as high as 25-45%. The reintegration and inclusion of these young people in Education, Employment and Society is crucial for the positive development of our economies and societies. There have been many successful actions in national and regional level for NEET youth yet the problem still persists.

Together for NEET is a transnational cooperation project with the aim to create synergies between diversified stakeholders (education institutions, youth sector, labor market) in order to explore together effective, sustainable and transferable measures for the better reintegration of youth NEET in society, education and labor market. The project is an initiative of 4 Partner from EU countries (BG, EL, PL, RO) and 6 Partners from acceding countries of EU (AL, MK, XK, ME, RS, TR) that collaboratively are working under this action to fulfill the following specific objectives:

  • To gain together better understanding of the NEET issue by sharing previous successful interventions and understanding each sector’s role in the problem solving
  • To equip those involved with NEET youth work with skills and competencies to better support this vulnerable target group
  • To co-develop innovative models of intervention methods – tools – programmes
  • To explore further funding opportunities and develop a long term cooperation for future projects
  • To share the results, products and findings of the project with the relevant target groups in our countries and across Europe.

The project includes 3 Transnational Partners Meetings, 4 Local Capacity Building Workshops, Mobility of Youth workers working directly with NEET, the creation of e-platform that will include discussion forums and webinars and the publication of a Toolkit with training resources for the capacity building of organizations and institutions that work directly with NEET YOUTH.

The consortium leader is CNELL from Tirana and CEUD is partner organization. On behalf of CEUD, 3 young women from Serbia had the opportunity to participate in the Mobility of Youth Workers bringing back new knowledge and networking connections. CEUD will host Local Capacity Building Workshop.