PBA in rural

CEUD partners this project coordinated by Asociación las niñas del tul from Granada, Spain. We shared our experience in importance of quality preparation of participants for the youth exchanges, how to involve local community and challenges that Western Balkan countries face in participation in Erasmus+ activities.

Youth Exchanges change young people’s lives. But also they can change the life of a small town, local community where they are hosted if they are properly organized. This PBA is aimed at dealing with the challenge of creating new projects that involve Youth Exchanges in rural areas (population of less than 20,000 inhabitants) through providing an international learning experience for youth workers to be trained in the designing and implementation of youth exchanges with quality parameters, so that more young people from different European countries can go through this life-changing experience. This is also one of the priorities that Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme underlines – the importance of such Youth Exchanges as a powerful tool for young people (especially those with fewer opportunities) to empower themselves and to grow towards active citizens of their own community.

The specific objectives of the training are:

  • To provide the chance to find good and reliable partners from rural areas to
    make Youth Exchanges with, creating a solid network of contacts and partnerships.
  • To grasp the impact and social change a Youth Exchanges can have within a
    small local community.
  • To share what is needed to plan a Youth Exchanges of good quality in rural areas
  • To discover the possibilities of local involvement.