Mobility of youth workers under Erasmus+ Programme in project “Entrepreneurial Knowledgebase”

CEUD hosts participants from 5 EU and 4 Western Balkan countries from 12-19 May, 2016 in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia. The mobility of youth workers’ activity will be implemented through a training course which will provide learning opportunity and skills development for youth workers and volunteers with focus on entrepreneurial education as alternative for reducing youth unemployment.

The main topic of the training course is entrepreneurial education and we want to promote awareness of the opportunities and challenges of business, entrepreneurship and self-employment and increase competences of youth workers in this field.

Specific objectives of the training course are:

  • To upgrade the professional competencies of youth leaders/practitioners of youth work to organise quality youth projects which aim to develop sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among youth
  • To contribute towards better knowledge of the role of the entrepreneurship in society and develop following entrepreneurship skills: team building skills, creative thinking, facilitation and communication skills
  • To exchange knowledge and experience about practices and different work environments in different European countries and to increase intercultural competence
  • To promote new EU opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship in a visual way and support establishment of new partnerships between formal and nonformal education institutions from Programme and Western Balkan countries

Through providing activities using different working styles we expect to empower, motivate and encourage participants to return to their communities with clear idea of how they can address young people’s need for quality entrepreneurship education. Furthermore, each partner organisation will delegate one of the participants to be group leader for the youth exchange about entrepreneurship that will be organized in the second half of the year under this project.