Campaign “Dialogue is freedom”

Dialogue is freedomBalkan without hate

On July 28, 2016 eleven of the major cities across the Adriatic basin, the Balkans and the Caucasus; woke up joined by a stronger will to dialogue.

Belgrade (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania), Chieti (Italy), Larissa (Greece), Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina), Podgorica (Montenegro), Prishtina (Kosovo*), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tirana (Albania), Zagreb (Croatia) and Gyumri (Armenia); have been literally disseminated by stickers bearing a simple but strong message: “Dialogue is Freedom”.

The campaign is promoted within “Balkan Without Hate”: a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Key Action 2, that points to foster the “No Hate” culture and intercultural dialogue across the Balkan region and beyond.

In this context, “Dialogue is Freedom” aims to strengthen the connections between different actors of the civil society as well as to remark the essential function of dialogue, in the construction of human bonds.

Our present is characterised by a blind and irrational hatred. Every day we see new fences built, there where should be solidarity. We are disoriented by thousand of fears, the most of which are due to ignorance and lead to addictions, isolation, homophobia, religious conflicts and terrorism.

Vice versa, to establish a dialogue we have to get rid of dead weights such as prejudices, rancour, stereotypes, verbal and physical violence, At same time we have to exercise our curiosity, critical thinking and self esteem. Whenever we dialogue we share knowledge, that is exactly what made the humans free since the dawn of time.

We are humans aside the shore we live on and regardless the cultural background, economical status, education, faith, political or sexual orientation. Therefore we have the duty to open our knowledge to the neighbour, step towards each other and act, to acknowledge the value of diversity and reduce conflicts. It’s a matter of respect and freedom and it takes dialogue. Let’s start it now!

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A special thanks to all the organisations and volunteers supporting the campaign:

Youth for Social Change – Tirana (Albania)
Gayane Astoyan – Gyumri (Armenia)
Samir Skalic – Mostar (Bosnia)
Zavod za idei – Sofia (Bulgaria)
Centar za podršku mladima (CPM) – Zagreb (Croatia)
Youth Support Centre (YSC) – Zagreb (Croatia)
Green Spirit – Larissa (Greece)
Identities – Chieti (Italy)
Youth Activism Center – Prishtina (Kosovo*)
NGO “35mm” – Podgorica (Montenegro)
JUNII – Bucharest (Romania)
Centar za edukaciju i unapredjenje drustva – Belgrade (Serbia)

* Under UN resolution 1244/99