TC “Better together” starts today!

4 participants on behalf of Centar za edukaciju i unapređenje društva have left today, 7 November, to Brestnik, Bulgaria to participate in the training course “Better Together”.  The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and coordinated by the Bulgarian association “Big brothers big sisters of Bulgaria”.

It is bringing together youth workers and experts, coming from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Albania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia and to pilot “Better together” training program, promoting inter-cultural tolerance, combating discrimination and fighting against the stereotype of confrontation, extremism and hate speech among young people, living on the Balkans territory. The training course will also emphasize the influence of media as a tool for promoting human rights, cultural latitude and No Hate speech movement in the local context. As a result of their collaborative work at the time of the training, the participants should design a sample of an interactive campaign /both on-line and off line/ and create tools/printed and media products/ for its implementation among schools around all participating countries as a follow-up activity.

Full account of the activity will be published after Serbian participants return from the training course.