Report from the Info Day on Entrepreneurship within GEW 2017

Marking the Global Entrepreneurship Week, CEUD with our partners organized Info-Session Days from 14-20 November 2016 as part of the project “Entrepreneurial Knowledgebase” which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The specific goal of the Info sessions is to raise general awareness of the importance of the entrepreneurship and its potential for youth employment and achieving economic, political, social or environmental goals, as well as develop sense of belonging to global community and to ignite mobilization of young people for fight for their future. This was achieved through presentations, open discussions and real-life stories of social entrepreneurs.

On November 16, which is also International Tolerance Day, CEUD organized the Info Session Day in Belgrade, Serbia. The event included the presentation of the so-far implemented mobility activities with the testimony of the youth exchange participant about the learning process that she has experienced during the youth exchange. Special focus of the first part session was on the competences that young people gain or improve during the Erasmus+ mobility activities so we had also participants who took part in our partnership activities. All of them reflected very positively on their participation in the Erasmus+ activities, citing improving communication skills, gaining intercultural awareness and broadening their understanding of European values as the most important achievement.

During both mobility activities, especially youth exchange, it was noticed that young people have many financial questions when thinking about starting their own business. During the workshops this was often raised as a concern and set-back. Acknowledging this concern and the need to learn more about it, we invited the guest speakers from the National Bank of Serbia, our Central Bank, who introduced the basics of the finance world to the attendees and talked about the Centre for Financial Consumer Protection and Education, as a reference department to which they can turn to when having doubts about finances. It was very interactive and addressed some of the questions that are raised in young entrepreneurs.

The presentation of the programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was followed by a discussion with the young entrepreneurs from Belgrade. We exchanged about the challenges of starting and running a business in Serbia getting relevant information from the representatives about social enterprise Bagel Bejgl, which produces bagels and does catering and invests profit into helping victims of human trafficking, and I Scream Rolls, the unique store which prepares and sells Thai ice-creams, which is established by two young men. At the end of the session, it was concluded that the business environment is never ideal for entrepreneurs but hard-work, persistence, risk-taking and networking are crucial for success.  The aim of this session was to empower young people with information about sources where they can find info for setting up business in Serbia but also to see “real” young entrepreneurs who started their entrepreneurial endeavor, faced problems and dealt with them sometimes with more, sometimes with less success but didn’t get discouraged.

The final round was informal socializing.

In the realization of this activity we thank for the contribution to National Bank of SerbiaCentre for Financial Consumer Protection and Education, Bagel Bejgl, I scream rolls, Trampa Znanja.