Participants’ impressions – Better Together

CEUD partnered the project “Better Together” which took place in November 2016 near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We had 4 representatives at the activity and here is the experience of some of them.

Mina – Discussion about tolerance, especially with young people from Balkans made me think – how do relations between people of different nationalities look like if we ignore political relation between our countries? I have enjoyed very productive debates on stereotypes and prejudices we all resort to sometimes and also learned how to fight them off. Although the team gathered on the training programme in Bulgaria functioned idyllic, the fact is that our region is still confronted with numerous problems and animosity that young trainers and youth workers need to resolve and help both young and elder citizens to overcome them. Bulgarian tradition and authentic environment completed my positive impression on training and motivated me to recommend other young people to participate in similar activities that include non-formal education methods and learning through personal experience.

Maja – Participation in the project” Better together ” in Brestnik was a very nice experience for me. Although I was previously familiar with the topic of human rights and Erasmus + program, I had the opportunity to improve and update my knowledge on an interesting and interactive way. The program was interactive and well organized. We had the opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities in Europe – Plovdiv, a lot of dynamic workshops, fun at intercultural evenings, excellent accommodation and organizers. I felt  very productive and at same time relaxed. Meeting with young people from other Balkan countries has helped me to get to know different cultures and found out new information. In addition to our wonderful socializing, together we were able to detect problems of youngsters, how we are surrounded by stereotypes, prejudices, manipulated by the media, etc. Sharing our personal experience has helped us to try together to find a solution that will help us to deal with current problems and get to know each other even more. When I got back home personal reflections happened, desire for spreading knowledge, participating on more projects and application of knowledge I got in Bulgaria.