Who we are and what we do?

Centre for Education and Society Advancement (CEUD) is working with young people to help them build their capacity to be change-makers in our societies by training and assisting them to advance their skills, intercultural competence and societal awareness.

We undertake:

  • activities directed to the inclusion and active participation of the youth in all spheres of the society,
    provide information, assistance and opportunity for participating in local and international trainings and exchanges promoting
  • cross-border cooperation and intercultural dialogue among the youth and
  • organize training programs/workshops on the topics of intercultural awareness, volunteerism, entrepreneurship , etc directed towards the personal and professional development of the youth.

We in CEUD believe in:

  • PEOPLE, may they be young or old, this or that nationality, religion, race, gender etc. We are all citizens of the world and it is our citizens’ initiative that can lead to improvement in the communities we live in,
  • GREEN ENVIRONMENT, technological advancement makes our lives easier but we need to make a balance between technological advancement and living in cooperation with the nature,
  • LIFE-LONG LEARNING, formal and informal education for the benefit of the societies.