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Belgrade-based association working to empower youth to be change-makers in our societies

Who we are and what we do?

Centre for Education and Society Advancement (CEUD) is working with young people to help them build their capacity to be change-makers in our societies by

SOON call for youth exchange

CEUD will soon open call for participants in a youth exchange about photography and deforestation in Romania

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Projects we coordinated and partnered

Global Responsibility Education

The Europe 2020 Strategy identifies five headline targets to boost the development of the European...

Insightrainer Creatrainer – Creative Writing Workshop

Our representative took part in the workshop on CREATIVE WRITING, which is part of a...

Young Photographers vs. Deforestation

In the context of the growing issues of deforestation in Europe and not only, and...

Youth Exchange “I’m not for Sale”

CEUD partners the Greek association “Future Minds” on the project “I’m not for Sale” (project...

Training on Youth Sexuality and Healthy Relationships

CEUD partners the project which included training course “Training on Youth Sexuality and Healthy Relationships”...

“Young professionals! Say no to bullies !!!”

CEUD partners the Erasmus+ project “Young professionals! Say no to bullies !!!”. It is a...

Better together

Centre for Education and Society Advancement partnered Erasmus+ training course “Better Together”, which took place from 7 -13...

Pletenje – veza prošlosti i budućnosti

Projekat „Pletenje- veza prošlosti i budućnosti“ ima za cilj re-afirmiše značaj srpskih ručnih radova,konkretno pletenja...

Campaign “Dialogue is freedom”

On July 28, 2016 eleven of the major cities across the Adriatic basin, the Balkans...

Entrepreneurial knowledgebase

CEUD leads the consortium of 5 partners from EU countries (UK, HU, IT, BG, SK)...

Together for NEET

The last years of economic recession in Europe have resulted in an increasing number of...

PBA in rural

CEUD partners this project coordinated by Asociación las niñas del tul from Granada, Spain. We...

Youth docs movie maker

CEUD as a partner organization provided opportunity for 14 young people from Serbia to participate...

Digital literacy on Human Rights Education

3 representatives of CEUD took part along with other 30 youth workers, volunteers and activists...

Start Up!

CEUD was one of the 23 partner organisations from Europe and the Middle East that...

Youth for Inclusion

“Youth for Inclusion” brought together 3 representatives of CEUD with colleagues from 7 other countries...

European Citizenship Education: Meanings, Understandings and Actions

CEUD partnered this project that consisted of training course, which was intercultural educational experience for...

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